"15:00 GMT: 5:00 p.m. Jerusalem" and "15:00 GMT: 7:00 a.m. Lake Washington"

  • Diptych

In this diptych the orientation is toward the east and both canvases are given over mostly to sky. The early morning sky above Lake Washington is fresh and clear as it often is after a night of rain. By contrast, the afternoon sky in Jerusalem is hot and heavy capturing the feeling of the oppressive "Ham Sin" or "Chinese Heat" that envelopes the region when the prevailing winds are from the east.

The foreground of the Jerusalem painting shows the walls of the Old City and the golden Dome of the Rock, the third holiest site in Islam. The Tower of David on the far left has historical significance for Jews and was the site of the 1999 Chihuly glass exhibition. In the distance are the hills of the modern city of Jerusalem, Hebrew University, East Jerusalem (the proposed capital of Palestine) and the West Bank town of Silwan are represented.

Point of comparison: Climate and Time